There’s a new show I’ve been watching.

It’s called “Only In America With Larry The Cable Guy.”  It’s one of my latest finds on Netflix.  Have you heard of it or watched it?  I’m really starting to like it.

Anyway, I watched an episode last night and was surprised that it contained a subtle, but important lesson for business owners.

I thought I’d share it with you today.

The lesson was buried in a story segment about a minor league baseball team called the St. Paul Saints.

I wasn’t expecting for a lesson from this segment.  But what I didn’t know was that this isn’t your average minor league team.

They understand something that other minor league teams don’t and that many business owners don’t know.

In this podcast, I share:

  • 3 Success Tips From The St. Saint Paul Saints 
  • The Amazing Ways They Implement These 3 Tips That Have Produced
  • Inspiration To Help You Apply The Same Thing In Your Business
Listen To The Podcast Here:  

(By the way, this is my first podcast on this blog.  I’m practicing what I’ve been preaching about making sure to create content in other formats.  See my article at Content Marketing Institute to see what I’m talking about: “Content Marketing Strategies of the 7 Media Giants” )

If you want to lead your industry, like the Saints lead theirs, then I’d encourage you to listen to this short podcast and implement the ideas today!



I heard a story that reveals how deaf many of us are to the things we don’t want to hear.

A man once bought a new radio, brought it home and placed it on the refrigerator. He plugged it in, turned it to WSM in Nashville (home of the Grand Ole Opry), and then pulled all the knobs off!

He had already tuned in to all he ever wanted or expected to hear.

How about you?

  • Are you only listening to the same “songs” you always have?
  • Are you only listening to the same “voices?”

If you are, then expect to keep thinking, seeing, and acting the same.  Expect your current results to stay the same.  If you like your current results, then that’s not a problem.

But if you don’t like your current results, then you have to realize that change starts in your ears.

If you want to experience new results in your life and business, then maybe it’s time you tuned into a new “station.”

That’s your first step towards breakthrough and change.
Change the dial.

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled posts for an important Halloween oriented post….

Attention ParentsDo you want to eat your children’s Halloween candy without regret or guilt? Then listen carefully, because I believe I have the solution. (We must get our stories straight for this to work.)

On Halloween night, in desperation, I created a NEW Halloween tradition. I told my kids this…

“Halloween fairies come in the weeks after Halloween to eat up your candy as soon as you are asleep at night. The only way to stop them is for mommy and/or daddy to rub chocolate (or any other candy residue) on their lips and fingers to scare them away. If you’re missing any candy in the morning, now you know why!”

If we all tell this story, then we can eat as much of their candy as we like, because the legend will spread from kid to kid. Are you with me? If so, tell the story to your kids and “share” this with your friends! 🙂

P.S. I will be copyrighting my idea, working on a “Halloween fairies” song ( They see you when your sleeping. They know when you’re awake. They love to eat your candy up, cause it’s good for goodness sake!… ), I’ll also be working on a clay-mation special that will air next year called,“Halloween Fairies Are Coming To Town.” 🙂

What Do You See?

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Business Tips


“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there are those who turn one into the other.” – Douglas Everett

In 1926, because of Germany’s success with giant airships, the U.S. Navy announced that it was looking for a West Coast place to base one of it’s two giant airships.

San Francisco Mayor James T. Rolph made a public appeal for property large enough for a Naval base.

At this same time there was a large parcel of land between Mountain View and Sunnyvale.  It was called the Ynigo Ranch.  When most saw it all they saw was farmland.  It was 1700 acres of broccoli, cauliflower, and hay fields.

But one person saw something that no one else saw.  Her name was Laura Thane Whipple and she was a real estate agent – one of the few female agents of her day.

When she was asked what she saw she said, “I see an air base.”  She was so convinced of what she saw that she went to work recruiting the help of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce and Bay Area newspapers.  It wasn’t long before all of the Peninsula communities were taking part in a regional campaign which would not be equaled again until 1937 when the cities came together to build the Golden Gate bridge.

Because of Laura Thane Whipple’s vision and efforts, the city of Sunnyvale acquired 1,000 acres of the farmland, which was paid for with nearly $480,000 raised by the citizens of Santa Clara County.  They then “sold” the parcel for $1 to the US government as a home base for the Navy airship USS Macon.

It became known as Moffett Field.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Moffett Field… “At its peak in the 1990s, NAS Moffett Field was the U.S. Navy’s principal Pacific Fleet base for the P-3C operations. In addition to headquarters staffs for Commander, U.S. Patrol Wings Pacific Fleet (COMATWINGSPAC); Commader, Patrol Wing TEN (COMPATWING 10); and Commander, Reserve Patrol Wing Pacific / Patrol Wing FOUR (COMRESPATWINGPAC/COMPATWING 4), the air station also hosted Patrol Squadron THIRTY-ONE (VP-31)…the west coast P-3C Fleet Replacement Squadron, six additional active duty P-3C squadrons and a Naval Air Reserve P-3C squadron in addition to NASA and California Air National Guard aviation activities.”

All of this came about because of one woman who dreamed of an air base and convinced others to see it too – and make it happen.

One of the ways to succeed in business (or life) is to see what is not there and make it happen.  It takes imagination and it takes time to think and dream.

If you are going non-stop and never taking a break, when will this happen?  How about never?  🙂

Take time to get alone, before the busyness of the holiday seasons come upon us.  Take time to look around at the possibilities that exist where you are at (physically and at this stage of your life).

Dream of what could be.  And then tell the world what you see, until they see it too.  Until it becomes reality.


I wrote a guest post that seems to have really resonated with people.  It was called, “The Content Strategy That Made Justin Bieber a Star.”  You can see it on or on

Today I want to continue talking about Disney’s creative use of content marketing to promote their “properties.”

Content marketing isn’t just some new method that current Disney executives are using.  It’s something that they’ve used for 50-60 years.

In fact, Walt Disney himself used content marketing to launch AND FINANCE Disneyland!  I learned this story in a great little book called, “Disney Magic: Business Strategy You Can Use At Work And At Home” by Rich Hamilton.  (Learn more about it here.)

Rich doesn’t mention anything about content marketing directly, but I want to show you the veiled content marketing methods that I discovered as I read the book.

At First Walt Was Against TV

When TV first started out, Walt wasn’t so keen on it.  Why?  Because he was worried it would cause him to lose profits from his movies.  TV execs. kept pursuing him until he finally did a few TV specials, but he was still pretty negative about it overall.

Until one morning that all changed.

He woke up and had this thought: maybe television could be used to finance Disneyland?  This was how he decided to do it.  He offered to produce television programs (content) for the normal payment, PLUS investment in Disneyland.

It was a great idea, but what he did next was ingenious.  He came up with a bold content marketing strategy – before the term ever existed!

His Unbelievably Bold Content Strategy

He decided that one of the shows would be a Disneyland television show that would feature a different subject each week.  This show debuted a year before the park was even open.  The first week’s program was all about the park being built!  It was basically an hour-long commercial broken up with paid commercials from sponsors.

Can you believe he could pull that off?

Critics were upset, but not the viewers.   They loved it.  And the network (ABC) didn’t mind, because they now owned 35% of the park!  Get this.  The show quickly became the first program on ABC to get into the top 20 Nielsen ratings!

Now watch the other ingenious thing that Walt did with content…

He combined new production with old footage to create programs. He was repurposing content, again, before the term was even thought of!  An example of him doing this was when he created a show about the making of the movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.  It was basically another veiled promotional program.

The Amazing Results Of His Content Marketing

By the time Disneyland actually opened, there were MILLIONS of people who couldn’t wait to visit!  All of this came from the content of his shows and the PR department of ABC (the partial owner).

If that wasn’t enough, the always creative Walt Disney “flipped the switch” and reversed his promotional influence by tying many of the early rides at the park into his movies, cartoons, and television shows (an early example of experience marketing).

He did this with many rides but some examples are: the ride “Peter Pan Flight” to promote his movie “Peter Pan,” the ride “Snow White’s Adventure” to promote his film “Snow White,” the ride “Dumbo Flying Elephants” to promote his film “Dumbo,” and “Mickey Mouse Club Theater” at Disneyland to promote his TV show “The Mickey Mouse Club.”

2 Lessons For Business Owners:
1. Walt Got Paid For Producing Content That Promoted His Business And So Can You.

If you begin promoting your business using content, and become good enough at content creation, you can be paid for producing your content.

Don’t believe me?  Many top bloggers like Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Michael Stelzner, and others all produced content that eventually lead them to be paid for book deals by publishers.

You say, “Yeah, but I have a physical business.  That won’t work for me!”  Oh really?  Ever heard of Martin Yan?  Check this from Wikipedia… “Yan began teaching Chinese cooking for a college extension program and appearing on a Canadian, Calgary talk show in 1978 (on CFAC-TV, now CICT-TV). He has hosted over 1,500 episodes of the PBS cooking shows Yan Can Cook since 1982. His shows have been broadcast in over 50 countries.”Yan has opened a chain of Yan Can restaurants and founded the Yan Can International Cooking School in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has written over two dozen cookbooks.[1] TheAmerican Culinary Federation has designated him a Master Chef.”

Yan was just a chef (offline profession) until he started creating content for TV.  That lead to books, other shows, restaurants, and even schools!  You can use the power of content marketing to share your expertise with the world – and indirectly promote your business.

2. Even If You Don’t Get Paid, Many People Need & Want Your Content.

Getting paid isn’t the point.  It’s just a nice side benefit if you can pull it off.  There are so many “channels” that exist that have a never-ending need for content.  They are looking for people to create it for them.  And when I say “channels”, don’t get locked into the idea of only TV channels.

The channels that need your content are everywhere: local newspapers, local radio, local tv, blogs, youtube channels, local or online magazines, even local associations and clubs (speaking is content).

These “channels” all have one thing in common: they constantly need content.  In the same way that Walt Disney was able to create content for a channel and use it to promote his business, you can do the same thing.

You might not be able to be as bold and blatant as Disney and just create hour-long commercials, but you can create content that will clearly promote you and your business.

It All Starts Here

It all starts with you beginning to create content.  You have to start.  You have to begin writing or recording your ideas.  Put them on a blog.  Do something!

Until you start, it’s hard to get a chance to produce it for someone else.  And if you never start, it’s going to be even more difficult to get paid for your content.  It takes practice to become good at anything and content creation is no different.  

Want To Learn How To Create Better Content?

I have 21 years of experience in creating content on a regular basis, so I know it’s much easier for me to create content than it is for you.  I realize that I know methods that you don’t.  I know techniques for how to present my content that you don’t know.

Because of that fact, I want to teach you what I know.  That way you can have a head start on creating compelling, engaging content.

If you are interested in this, I’d like to send you some free lessons, which are excerpts from my upcoming e-course.

These free lessons will teach you:

  • 4 little-known “contact points” to use in your introductions
  • How to judge the results of your content with the “Change The World” Acid Test
  • Lessons from the world’s greatest story teller.
  • The lesson Rick Warren learned as a consultant for Dreamworks that can improve your content
  • Using the ingredients of emotion and pathos in your content
  • The power of “cliff hangers” to keep people’s attention
  • Why it’s important to know when to speak to “the Heart” or “the Mind” when creating your content
After you receive those lessons, you can decide if you want to take my online paid course called “Content Boosters: My Personal, Hard-Earned Recipes For Creating Successful Content.”  In this e-course, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about content creation, over the last 20 years of trial and error.


Arthur C. Clark said this, “If we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that, in the long run – and often in the short one – the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative.”

This isn’t just true of history.  It’s true for you individually too.

Our most daring goals and plans fall embarrassingly short of what we’re really able to accomplish in this life!

The people who achieve great things in life have the audacity to attempt big, bold things.  And what is the result?  Many times they achieve their goals or some goal of equal value.

Steve Jobs in a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  Listen to what he said this in his Stanford Commencement in 2005…

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. … Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

What many of us don’t realize is that the way we see ourselves is too limited and the potential we believe that we have is much too small.  Because of this, we live lesser lives and attempt lesser things than we could.

Let me share with you a story that is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  It’s a strange story I came across about an eagle that didn’t know he was an eagle.  

Pay close attention, because you are about to see a “picture” of how we live lesser lives.

While walking through the forest one day, a man found a young eagle who had fallen out of his nest. He took it home and put it in his barnyard where it soon learned to eat and behave like the chickens.

One day a naturalist passed by the farm and asked why it was that the king of all birds should be confined to live in the barnyard with the chickens.

The farmer replied that since he had given it chicken feed and trained it to be a chicken, it had never learned to fly. Since it now behaved as the chickens, it was no longer an eagle.

“Still it has the heart of an eagle,” replied the naturalist, “and can surely be taught to fly.”  He lifted the eagle toward the sky and said, “You belong to the sky and not to the earth. Stretch forth your wings and fly.”

The eagle, however, was confused.

He did not know who he was, and seeing the chickens eating their food, he jumped down to be with them again.

The naturalist took the bird to the roof of the house and urged him again, saying, “You are an eagle. Stretch forth your wings and fly.”

But the eagle was afraid of his unknown self and world and jumped down once more for the chicken food.

Finally the naturalist took the eagle out of the barnyard to a high mountain. There he held the king of the birds high above him and encouraged him again, saying, “You are an eagle. You belong to the sky. Stretch forth your wings and fly.”

The eagle looked around, back towards the barnyard and up to the sky.

Then the naturalist lifted him straight towards the sun and it happened that the eagle began to tremble.

Slowly he stretched his wings, and with a triumphant cry, soared away into the heavens.

It may be that the eagle still remembers the chickens with nostalgia. It may even be that he occasionally revisits the barnyard.  But as far as anyone knows, he has never returned to lead the life of a chicken.

What I am telling you today is to look at the goals you have for your life and your business again and ask yourself, “Are these goals really worthy of me?  Are these really all that I can, or should, achieve?”

You don’t want to live your whole life rooting around on the ground and find out you were meant to soar.

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I once read a story about British statesman and financier Cecil Rhodes.

He is the one whose fortune was used to endow the world-famous Rhodes Scholarships.

People said that he was a real stickler for correct dress–but not at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

young man was invited to dine with Rhodes and he arrived late by train, so he had to go directly to Rhodes’s home in his travel-stained clothes.

Once he got there, he was appalled to find the other guests were already there and they were wearing their full evening dress.

After what seemed a long time, Rhodes finally appeared.

But what was shocking to this young man and to the other guests was that Rhodes was dressed in a shabby old blue suit.

Later on, the young man found out that Rhodes had been dressed in his formal evening clothes, but had changed out of them, and put on the old suit, when he heard of his young guest’s awkward dilemma.

How much influence and impact do you think that had on that young man?

  • I’d bet the young man never forgot what happened that night!
  • I bet he told everyone he knew about it. (In fact, I wonder if that’s how we know the story today.)
  • I bet he would do anything he could to help Rhodes from that day forward.
  • I bet he would take any advice Rhodes ever gave him and bend over backwards to return the favor!

*Do you want to know the “secret” to impact and influence?

It’s empathy!

It’s putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and letting them see you know what it’s like to be in their position. It’s then interacting with them and treating them based on that understanding.

But it HAS to be real.  It can’t be fake.  If it is, you’ll lose any chance of impact and influence with that person and others.

When it’s real, you’ll have become a person of influence and impact, because you’ll be a person that people can genuinely trust.

Isn’t empathy the underlying principle of “the golden rule”?
Isn’t a lack of empathy one of the biggest reasons for strife and trouble between people?

We all want to have an impact and influence in this world.

The “secret” to actually experiencing this starts with thinking of others first and responding to them out of that understanding.

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