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The Horrible Change In My Life…

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Something horrible has happened…

Since my most recent birthday in November, I have become “handy-er”!

A few weekends ago, I disconnected our old washer & dryer & took off the doors hinges, so we could make room for our new washer & dryer.

The other day one of our tires was flat. I got out our air compressor out, filled up the tire & tightened the valve stem.

I know.  I know.  Both of those are simple fixes, but anyone who knows me knows I don’t normally do this stuff!

I’m shocked and ashamed over it all. 

My wife told me, “The cat is out of the bag. Your cover has been blown.”  Oh no!
After 14 years or marriage, I’m afraid she might expect this “fix it” stuff to happen more.
I must stop it before I’m in over my head!  🙂

I’ll be  honest with you.

I’ve debated for a long time about creating a Facebook page for my ebooks.

Why?  I mainly use Facebook for personal use and have over 800 friends on there.  I didn’t really want to add or mix my personal and business relationships.

But I finally realized I could just create a completely separate page for them. Guess I’m a slow learner, cause it took me so long to realize this!  🙂

So that’s what I did.

To celebrate, I’m giving away 100 free sets of my 2 ebooks to the first 100 people who “like” my new Facebook page

Go here to be one of the first 100 to get your free copies of my ebooks:

I’m going to continue my “9 Challenges Every Successful Overcomes” series in 2010.  Until then, I thought I’d post this for you…

If your business is going to grow in 2010, then you’re going to need to have systems set in place.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about systems. I haven’t always been good with them in my life. But they’re really important and I want to get better at them in 2010.

What do I mean by a “system”? A system is a way you have come up with doing something over and over to get the best result you can.

A system can be made up of these things:

  • How you do something (method)
  • When you do something (sequence/order)
  • Where you do it (location)

We all have systems that we use in our own, everyday lives.

You don’t believe me? Ok. I’ll prove it to you… 🙂

What’s your system for putting on your pants in the morning?

How do you usually do it?
While sitting down or standing up?
When do you put your right leg in? First or second?
Where do you usually do it? In the bathroom after your shower? In the bedroom?

You HAVE a sytem – a way you usually put your pants on – whether you realized it or not!

It might not be the best way, but it’s the way that you have come up with consistently doing it.

Systems help us to do the regular, consistent activities that we need to do in life, so that we can see a consistent result in a consistent amount of time.

That’s why I’m telling you…

IF your business is going to grow in 2010, then you’re going to HAVE to have systems (or NEW, BETTER ones) set in place! 

We can’t just hope things will happen or rely on random – even accidental – results.  We must have systems to see consistent, reliable results.

What type of systems do you need in 2010?
Here are SOME of the systems you need…

  • A system to bring new prospects to your business
  • A system to convert those prospects to customers
  • A system to come up with new products and/or services that you can offer your customers to continue to add value to their lives
  • A system to help these customers connect with each other in order to build a sense of “community” among them
  • A system to help them grow in relationship with your business
  • A system to make sure that YOU grow in 2010
  • A system to help your staff/leadership team grow in the skills they need to lead your business
  • A system to encourage customers to use word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse to spread the knowledge of your business organically

Don’t be overwhelmed by this list!

You probably already have a system for some of these things!

Here’s what to do:

1. Print up that list of suggested systems that you need for 2010 and put a “check mark” by the ones where you have a system already.

2. Put a “+” sign next to the ones you already have a system for and that you think are pretty good systems.

3. Put a “-” sign next to the ones you already have a system for and that you think are NOT good systems.

4. Circle the ones that you don’t have a system for at all. 

Now here’s your ACTION plan:

Take that list and focus on the systems you have a “-” sign for or the ones that are circled.

Think and dream – alone and with your staff/leadership team- of ways that you can improve the bad systems you have and come up with systems for the areas that are without systems.

(When you’re done with those things, you can go back to the systems you put a “+” sign by and think and dream of ways to do these even more effectively!)

There you go.

These are some of systems to help your business succeed in 2010 and how to begin putting these sytems in place!

If you can begin working on these things now and in early January, then you’ll be able to see new growth in your business in these areas in 2010.

That’s it. Go and improve and build your systems!

Have you ever wished you had some help promoting your business?

How would you like to have other businesses in your area GLADLY helping to promote business for you?

Sound like a far-fetched idea?

Well,  in this short post I will show you how it’s actually possible for you to do this with non-competitive business in your area…

There are three incentives that you use to encourage other businesses do this for you…

Three Incentives:

1. Make it something that is financially beneficial to them and at no extra work or cost to them.

2. Make sure it’s something that won’t cause them to lose income or customers.

3. Make it something that their customers want and will benefit them.

Think about it.

If a business approached you with a proposition for something that you could offer your customers that they want and would benefit them, but would also bring you in extra income (without any real extra time or effort on your part-  and wouldn’t cause you to lose income or customers)

Wouldn’t you be interested?

I bet most of you would.

Here’s how you can offer something like this to other business and use that tool as a way to promote your business.

1. Think of other business that deal with your same customers, but are not direct competitors. (To start think of where your customer goes to purchase before, during or after they purchase from you.)

2. Begin to think of what information these customers need and want to help them to get more of the end result you and these other businesses help them achieve. Think of what common problem they’re trying to solve by doing business with your business and these others.

3. Put together an information product (book, ebook, report, audio, etc.) that gives them this information. (*I’ll show you how to find experts who will GLADLY write this for you!)  Make sure it’s branded as “brought to you buy…” (your company), so that it promotes you and your business.

4. Offer this information product for other businesses to sell to their customers and allow them to keep the majority of the profits. (60/40?)

A twist would be to contact these business beforehand and tell them you’re creating this infoproduct before you create it.  Tell them that if they’d provide some of the info (they can be one of your “experts”) that they can promote their business with this product also.

This will take some of your time, but if you use my method of getting others to write the infoproduct for you, then the end result would be more than worth it.

You’d have a product that encourages other businesses to promote your business while even bringing in a small extra income stream for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get experts to do this check out my FREE eclass this Wed. Nov. 4th…

“How To Create An Info-Product That Will Please Your Customers, Promote Your Business, And Even Establish You As An Expert”


In order to survive and prosper in a recession, you definitely need effective methods, because without them you don’t have much of a chance.

But you also need to possess certain unseen, or “invisible”, qualities if you want to be able to guide your business towards success in a recession.

This blog series will focus on what I’m calling “The 7 Invisible Qualities You Need To See Your Business Succeed In A Recession.”

So far we looked at the first 3 qualities, which are persistence, courage and intense desire. (See 1st post here. See the 2nd post here.  And see the 3rd post here.) I also took a quick break to cover “The Major Barrier To Success (In A Recession Or Out)” here.

Today, we’ll look at the fourth invisible quality you need to possess to succeed in a recession.

The last quality I talked about was the need for a strong desire to do what you’re afraid of. If you want to succeed in a recession, then you’ve got to get MORE FED UP than AFRAID! 


Alright, now that we’re all up to speed, are you ready for the fourth invisible quality to success in a recession?

*The fourth invisible quality is belief.

You’ve got in believe what you’re doing so much that you’re more afraid NOT to do it, then to do it! You’ve got to believe that what you’re wanting to do is worth doing and that doing what you’re doing will accomplish what you want!

In the book, “The Power Of Focus” (click here to see the book) by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt, they say, “To overcome fear you must have faith in the outcome.”

If you want a good example of how belief helped someone to succeed, then I have a great story for you…

The Invention Of Vaseline
It the late 19th century there was a young chemist named Robert Chesebrough who sold kerosene. He got his kerosene from the oil of sperm whales, but by 1859 he was put out of business.

In 1859, Robert Chesebrough took off for a Pennyslvania oil field to “strike it rich.” What he came back with made him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

But he DIDN’T become rich from OIL!

Oil field workers had told him about this “sticky stuff” that stuck to the drilling rigs. The riggers hated this stuff – it caused the drilling rigs to seize up.  For all the problems this substance caused, the riggers found one small use – when rubbed on a cut or bruise it helped it to heal faster.

He bottled the stuff up and dragged it back to his Brooklyn laboratory. He began a search to duplicate the petroleum-based lubricant, and by trial and error, he was able to extract the key ingredient – the translucent material we now know as petroleum jelly.

But it had to be tested, and tested it was. He needed a guinea pig to test it out on. But who could he use?

Chesebrough cut his OWN hands and arms, burned himself with flames and acids and each time he would then cover them with his new gel.

ALL the self-inflicted wounds responded to his petroleum jelly and were healed!

Satisfied that his new grease had healing properties, he took to the road with his own medicine show, but first he named his gel. Using the German word for water (wasser) and the Greek word for oil (elaion) he came up with “Vaseline.”

He took it out on the road and would demostrate it by cutting or burning himself and then applying his vasleine.  He also showed his audience the healed scars from past experiments.

Amazingly this worked!

Soon he was selling a jar a minute, and when these ran out people begged their druggists to order more from Chesebrough. It was used for everything: chest colds, chapped hands, nasal congestion, and even to remove stains from furniture.

*By the turn of the twenty century it had penetrated the American market and was entering Europe, and Chesebrough had become a very rich man!

Although its miracle properties were eventually debunked (it really healed because it sealed wounds from bacteria like a band aid), Chesebrough himself was always a true believer. He lived to age 96, revealing shortly before he died the secret to his longevity: *Every day of his life he ate a spoonful of vaseline! (* Not recommended! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! 🙂 )

Cheesbrough succeeded because he believed so much in his product/idea that he refused to give up!

Do YOU want to succeed in a recession? Do you want to overcome fear — the major barrier to success?

If you do, then one of the 7 invisible qualities you need is belief.  You believe in your product or idea so much that you let nothing stop you!

Stay tuned.  Next, we’ll look at the 5th invisible quality that you need.

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Is it just me or did others catch what happened on NBC last night?

NBC debuted their new show “The Philanthropist” at 10pm PST, which  I thought it was pretty good.

But what caught my attention was the commercial for

As they went to commercial they would show a short commercial, but with a twist.  It was a commercial that added to the storyline, but then promoted

One Example:
In the show, the philanthropist decided to go to Nigeria to help a village there.  They cut to the commercial and it was a scene where the philanthropist’s body guard walks into the room and tells the philanthropist’s assistant that he needs to get to this village in Nigeria.  She mentions how she loves to see what different pictures from around the world show up on Bing’s main page each day and says it relaxs her.  Shen then types information into Bing and the commercial ends and goes onto regular commercials.  The show comes back on and they have the info and are heading to Nigeria.

They did this for at least 3 different commercial breaks.  They would break for commercial and have another short added segment with the actors using Bing.

Now think about how different this is…

I’ve seen product placements.  I’ve seen commercials that reenact scenes from shows.  But this was neither.

This was a commercial filmed on the set of the show, with actors from the show, that was a small addition to the storyline (and a part of the storyline)!

From my perspective, this seems like it could be a whole new form of advertising.

I don’t know how effective it will be to get people to actually use, but I paid attention to it much more than a regular commercial!

What do you think?  Any ideas on the effectiveness of such advertising?  Anyone ever see anything like this before?

Sorry I stopped the series for few weeks.  With the school year ending for my boys, kindergarten graduations and a wedding and visit to Legoland in-between, I got too busy to post!  🙂

In order to survive and prosper in a recession, you definitely need effective methods, because without them you don’t have much of a chance.

But you also need to possess certain unseen, or “invisible”, qualities if you want to be able to guide your business towards success in a recession.

This blog series will focus on what I’m calling “The 7 Invisible Qualities You Need To  See Your Business Succeed In A Recession.”

So far we looked at the first 2 qualities, which are persistence & courage.  (See 1st post here.  See the 2nd post here.)  I also took a quick break to cover “The Major Barrier To Success (In A Recession Or Out)”  here.

Today, we’ll look at the third invisible quality you need to possess to succeed in a recession.

In a recession, a lot of business owners become afraid.  They’re afraid to do something.  They’re afraid not to do something!

Fear paralyzes them and so they don’t do anything.  In most cases doing nothing is only going to lead to things getting worse! 

Fear becomes a MAJOR barrier to your business succeeding in a recession.

So how do you conquer the barrier of fear?

Intense desire is the enemy of fear. The first way to conquer fear is by having a strong desire to do what you’re afraid of.

Let me explain…

“Mom! Put down that car!”
You’ve probably heard the classic story about the mother who is able to lift a car off her child that is pinned under it. Do you know the story I’m talking about? The reason she was able to is because of adrenalin.

But there was one other reason…

She wanted to save her kid MORE than she worried about lifting the car!

*If you want to overcome the major barrier to succeeding in a recession, then you’ve got to want to succeed at this MORE THAN you’re afraid of failing!

How can you get a strong enough desire for something so that fear can’t stop you?

There are a few ways. I’ll tell you the first one right now, but the other one will be revealed in the next post….

1. The first way is to get so mad and fed up with your current situation that your desire for something different/better is stronger than your fears!

It all changed for me in October 2001.  I had ideas about how to make money online before, but I never did anything about it.


I was afraid.  I was afraid of FAILURE, REJECTION, UNKNOWN.  They were keeping away from taking action.

But there was a night when everything changed.

I think it was Oct. 16th, 2001 I had come up with the idea to interview 20 of the top business and marketing experts and get them to reveal their methods for surviving and prospering in a recession.

I had decided to title this book, “How You Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession“. (Click the title to see it.)

But at this point in October, it was all just an idea. I really believed it would be a good e-book, but I was afraid. I soon had incentive!

You see, my wife and I had just had our first child (a boy!) and my wife and I both wanted her to be able to stay home with him. The only problem was: WE COULDN’T AFFORD IT!

I was a youth pastor on the San Francisco Peninsula (Silicon Valley) and there was no way to survive on just my salary alone. 

At this point, I had spent 3 years studying everything I could get my hands on to learn how to effectively market online and off.  And I had used some of these ideas to grow a niche site to 5,000 visitors month.  But I needed to go to the next level with my knowledge.

So my little boy and wife became my incentive! I was fed up. I needed the money MORE THAN I was afraid of what would happen if I’d do this!

What happened?

3 months later that e-book was a REALITY and I was getting *rave reviews* from top marketers about it!

I learned and perfected a little-known method for getting almost any expert in almost any field to write a book for me.  I learned a skill I can use over and over to create an unlimited amount of information products.

And guess what that action caused? 

It caused other incredible opportunities to start to happen!  I was later interviewed on a teleconeference, with top experts, and asked to explain how I was able to put together an ebook with such top experts.

Why did these things happen?

All because I got MORE fed up than I was afraid!

*If you want to survive and prosper in a recession, then your first step is that you’ve got to get more fed up than afraid.  You’ve got to have the third invisible quality: an intense desire to succeed.

Next, we’ll look at the 4th invisible quality that you need.

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