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The e-manuals just released two weeks ago!

Just heard of another mention of them in the blogosphere.

They were mentioned over on Ken Varga’s blog.

Who’s Ken?

He’s is a businessman who has built 35 successful, profitable businesses in his career of 38 years. One of Ken’s off-line businesses had over 460,000 ongoing customers!

Ken is also the author of over 300 information products, including the best selling book, “How to Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for More!” All of his works are based on his experiences of developing hundreds of thousands of customers through expert marketing.

He has an eye for what works, and a way of conveying his knowledge and intuition to his listeners so that they will profit from it immediately…for years to come.

I would encourage you to check out his blog and sign-up for his free newsletter.  When you do, you’ll receive his free report, “10 Marketing Mistakes That Steal Your Cash!”

Click here to check Ken’s post “How To Survive This Recession!”


It’s day 6. The two e-manuals were released last Wednesday and I wanted to post up another mention of them in the blogosphere…

Tim Berry who writes one of the blogs on just posted up an interview he did with me.

Who is Tim?

Tim is ths president and founder of Palo Alto Software, founder of, and a co-founder of Borland International. He built Palo Alto Software from zero to 40 employees and 70% market share without outside investment. He also teaches starting a business at the University of Oregon. Tim is also one of the 38 contributors to my two e-manuals. Besides all of this, I’d say he’s a really nice and sincere guy. He was really encouraging and great to talk to in our email exchanges.

Tim’s interview with me will give you some of the background of how I got started selling ebooks/e-manuals online. It also reveals some of my tips and advice for people who are trying to get started doing the same thing.

Click here to check his interview with me.

By the way, Tim has a new book out today.  It’s called, “The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan.”  You can grab a copy on Amazon here.