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My latest testimonial on my free 1-hour consultation…

“Scott spent one hour on the phone with our team, and I can honestly say that it was eye opening. Within one hour, Scott opened our eyes to new ways of gaining untapped revenue, shared some highly creative, practical, and low cost forms of marketing that we had never even heard of before, and gave us incredible free resources we never knew existed. We are so excited to begin implementing what we learned in one hour on the phone with Scott.

“I thought I was fairly savvy when it came to creative marketing, but I was blown away by how much new info Scott had in such a short amount of time. The one hour I spent on the phone with Scott was one of the most beneficial hours I’ve ever spent building my business, you can’t beat it.”
Jason Calhoun
>Jadanica Productions

Here’s another…

“My experience with Scott’s guidance has been truly enlightening. I came to him with a stalled out marketing strategy that was getting me nowhere. Instead of giving me some useless, canned advice that anyone can find plastered all over the internet, he started me out with a comprehensive list of pre-consultation questions. After taking the time to study all the facets of my unique situation, he followed up with what I can only describe as a tidal wave session.

“I learned more in that one hour about the boundless possibilities of effective marketing strategies and tactics than I have learned from an hour of trying to glean knowledge from any other source. By the end of the session, I had an tangible action plan and plenty of momentum to boot. Thanks, Scott!!”
David Brewer

If you’d like a FREE 1-hour consultation, then call my Google Voice number and leave your name, number and email address (please spell out your email).   Just call (650) 539-5242.

NOTE: You will need to be willing to answer a 25 or so question “Pre-Consultation” questionaire by email before our call.  This will allow me to maximize our time and help me to see the areas I can help you the most.

When you leave your info on my GV#, I will email you with more details.