How My Dreams Of Being A Hero Were Shattered – By My Own Son

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Business Tips

I have 3 sons and I really love them.

My middle son is 8 years old and in 3rd grade.

His teacher allows him and his classmates to purchase from her “store” when they accumulate enough points for good behavior.

Yesterday he brought home some of the new items he purchased.  One of them was a large piece of paper called “The ____________________ Times”.  It’s a personal newspaper.  (Luckily kids still know what those are.)

It has sections for them to fill in like:

  • “My Exclusive Story Told Here For The Very First Time!”  – This is a place for them to write a news story about an important event in their life.
  • “Awesome Ad” – A place for them to draw an ad for their favorite movie.
  • “The Inside Scoop” – A section where they can write fascinating facts about themselves.  (I learned my son wants to grow up to be a stunt man and the nickname he’d choose for himself is “Killer.”  Should I be worried?)

Anyway, this was all fun to see as peeked down and saw him working on it.  But I was surprised to see something.

In the section called, “Meet My Hero,” he had written down “My Dad!”  I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t say anything, but I told my wife about it after the boys were in bed.  It really made my day.

That was until my middle son came out of the bedroom to get a drink (using stalling technique #27 to delay going to bed).

He showed me his newspaper and I said, “You wrote me down as your hero!?!”  He said, “Yeah.  I was going to write down Shaq, but…”  And his voice trailed off.

I said, with a smile and a teasing tone, “You were going to write down Shaq, but you didn’t know how to spell it?”  He smiled, gave me a hug, got his drink and went to bed.

I told my wife what happened.  We both had a good laugh at the fact that I’m only technically my middle son’s hero.

But I’ll settle for that.  Why?

Because let me be very honest with you.  I’d love for you to “look up to me” (even though I’m MUCH shorter than Shaq).  I’d love to be someone who is your business, marketing, or content hero.

But the people who REALLY matter are those 3 boys of mine.  

If I can be their hero, then I accomplished something great in this life.  Because so much of what I’m doing (or at least attempting) in this life is for them.

And that’s the most important thing to remember.

P.S. My wife is included in that “people who really matter” section too. Make sure you tell her I included her!

Photo by JD Hancock



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