Sign-up To Access My Slideshow – “How To Get Experts To Create Content That You Can Use To Promote Your Business”

Posted: August 12, 2010 in Content Marketing

I created a slide show that was originally created to teach business owners how to create an information product that their customers would like and that would establish them as an expert.

But you need to understand that what this is really teaching you is how to create content you can use to promote your business.

Don’t Limit Yourself In How You Apply What I Teach You:

  • The ebook you create could be given away for free or even sold.
  • It could also be made into a physical book.
  • The same basic advice could be used to create a teleconference.
  • It could be used to create a series of posts on your blog.
  • Be creative in how you apply the 9 steps!

NOTE: There is no sound.  All the info you need is written on the slides.  You can go through the slides at your own pace and even go back through any section.

What You Need To View It:

  • You can view it right here on my blog.
  • You will just need the link to the “secret” page on this blog where I have the slideshow.
  • You will also need a password to access the page.

You can get access to the secret page and the password by clicking the link below and signing-up your first name and email.

You’ll automatically be emailed the info to access the slideshow.

Click here to sign-up:
How To Get Experts To Create Content That Promotes Your Business”

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