How A Father With A New Son Learned How To Get Others To Create Content For Him

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Business Tips, Content Marketing

Today I want to continue my story…

Where I left off:
It was 2001 and I was trying to come up with an idea to make money online and make extra money to support my wife and new son while living on the S.F. Peninsula (Silicon Valley).

I finally came across an idea I thought I could do.

The idea was in an ebook I got for free and that I then later forgot about.  (Anyone else ever do that?)

The idea in the book was this…

It said that info-products (books, workbooks, etc.) were a good thing to sell.

The guy who wrote the ebook said an easy way to come up with a book (think “content“) was by interviewing experts on a topic and then compile the interviews and you have an INSTANT book! (Again think “content”.)

My Idea
It was not long after Sept. 11th and I realized that the Recession was going to get worse and that business owners would want to know how to survive and prosper in a recession.

I decided that I could interview some of the experts I read online and off, because they would all know methods to help businesses.

I got a business license, but kept stalling on doing anthing else.

One night in October 2001, I decided that I always had these ideas, but I never did anything about them!

So, at around 1am in the morning I put together an email to send to these experts. I told them I was putting together an ebook called “How You Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession” for business owners and I wanted to interview them for it.

I had 3 questions for them:

1. What are the common mistakes most businesses make during a recession?
2. What are 10 steps/methods they’d use to survive and prosper in a recession?
3. What are some little known ways to make money during this time that businesses could use?

I sent the email out to something like 10 or so experts, early in the morning (around 2am).

The next morning, I couldn’t believe what happened!

I’ll tell you more of the story in my next postStay tuned.

Until then…

Spread the word! Link to it.  Tweet about it.  Blog about it. Send smoke signals.  Whatever!  Here’s how…

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