Systems You Need To Help Your Business Succeed In 2010…

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Business Tips, Uncategorized
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I’m going to continue my “9 Challenges Every Successful Overcomes” series in 2010.  Until then, I thought I’d post this for you…

If your business is going to grow in 2010, then you’re going to need to have systems set in place.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about systems. I haven’t always been good with them in my life. But they’re really important and I want to get better at them in 2010.

What do I mean by a “system”? A system is a way you have come up with doing something over and over to get the best result you can.

A system can be made up of these things:

  • How you do something (method)
  • When you do something (sequence/order)
  • Where you do it (location)

We all have systems that we use in our own, everyday lives.

You don’t believe me? Ok. I’ll prove it to you… 🙂

What’s your system for putting on your pants in the morning?

How do you usually do it?
While sitting down or standing up?
When do you put your right leg in? First or second?
Where do you usually do it? In the bathroom after your shower? In the bedroom?

You HAVE a sytem – a way you usually put your pants on – whether you realized it or not!

It might not be the best way, but it’s the way that you have come up with consistently doing it.

Systems help us to do the regular, consistent activities that we need to do in life, so that we can see a consistent result in a consistent amount of time.

That’s why I’m telling you…

IF your business is going to grow in 2010, then you’re going to HAVE to have systems (or NEW, BETTER ones) set in place! 

We can’t just hope things will happen or rely on random – even accidental – results.  We must have systems to see consistent, reliable results.

What type of systems do you need in 2010?
Here are SOME of the systems you need…

  • A system to bring new prospects to your business
  • A system to convert those prospects to customers
  • A system to come up with new products and/or services that you can offer your customers to continue to add value to their lives
  • A system to help these customers connect with each other in order to build a sense of “community” among them
  • A system to help them grow in relationship with your business
  • A system to make sure that YOU grow in 2010
  • A system to help your staff/leadership team grow in the skills they need to lead your business
  • A system to encourage customers to use word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse to spread the knowledge of your business organically

Don’t be overwhelmed by this list!

You probably already have a system for some of these things!

Here’s what to do:

1. Print up that list of suggested systems that you need for 2010 and put a “check mark” by the ones where you have a system already.

2. Put a “+” sign next to the ones you already have a system for and that you think are pretty good systems.

3. Put a “-” sign next to the ones you already have a system for and that you think are NOT good systems.

4. Circle the ones that you don’t have a system for at all. 

Now here’s your ACTION plan:

Take that list and focus on the systems you have a “-” sign for or the ones that are circled.

Think and dream – alone and with your staff/leadership team- of ways that you can improve the bad systems you have and come up with systems for the areas that are without systems.

(When you’re done with those things, you can go back to the systems you put a “+” sign by and think and dream of ways to do these even more effectively!)

There you go.

These are some of systems to help your business succeed in 2010 and how to begin putting these sytems in place!

If you can begin working on these things now and in early January, then you’ll be able to see new growth in your business in these areas in 2010.

That’s it. Go and improve and build your systems!

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