One Unique Way To Get Other Businesses To Gladly Promote Your Business

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Have you ever wished you had some help promoting your business?

How would you like to have other businesses in your area GLADLY helping to promote business for you?

Sound like a far-fetched idea?

Well,  in this short post I will show you how it’s actually possible for you to do this with non-competitive business in your area…

There are three incentives that you use to encourage other businesses do this for you…

Three Incentives:

1. Make it something that is financially beneficial to them and at no extra work or cost to them.

2. Make sure it’s something that won’t cause them to lose income or customers.

3. Make it something that their customers want and will benefit them.

Think about it.

If a business approached you with a proposition for something that you could offer your customers that they want and would benefit them, but would also bring you in extra income (without any real extra time or effort on your part-  and wouldn’t cause you to lose income or customers)

Wouldn’t you be interested?

I bet most of you would.

Here’s how you can offer something like this to other business and use that tool as a way to promote your business.

1. Think of other business that deal with your same customers, but are not direct competitors. (To start think of where your customer goes to purchase before, during or after they purchase from you.)

2. Begin to think of what information these customers need and want to help them to get more of the end result you and these other businesses help them achieve. Think of what common problem they’re trying to solve by doing business with your business and these others.

3. Put together an information product (book, ebook, report, audio, etc.) that gives them this information. (*I’ll show you how to find experts who will GLADLY write this for you!)  Make sure it’s branded as “brought to you buy…” (your company), so that it promotes you and your business.

4. Offer this information product for other businesses to sell to their customers and allow them to keep the majority of the profits. (60/40?)

A twist would be to contact these business beforehand and tell them you’re creating this infoproduct before you create it.  Tell them that if they’d provide some of the info (they can be one of your “experts”) that they can promote their business with this product also.

This will take some of your time, but if you use my method of getting others to write the infoproduct for you, then the end result would be more than worth it.

You’d have a product that encourages other businesses to promote your business while even bringing in a small extra income stream for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get experts to do this check out my FREE eclass this Wed. Nov. 4th…

“How To Create An Info-Product That Will Please Your Customers, Promote Your Business, And Even Establish You As An Expert”


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