The 7 Invisible Qualities You Need To See Your Business Succeed In A Recession” Quality #3

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Sorry I stopped the series for few weeks.  With the school year ending for my boys, kindergarten graduations and a wedding and visit to Legoland in-between, I got too busy to post!  🙂

In order to survive and prosper in a recession, you definitely need effective methods, because without them you don’t have much of a chance.

But you also need to possess certain unseen, or “invisible”, qualities if you want to be able to guide your business towards success in a recession.

This blog series will focus on what I’m calling “The 7 Invisible Qualities You Need To  See Your Business Succeed In A Recession.”

So far we looked at the first 2 qualities, which are persistence & courage.  (See 1st post here.  See the 2nd post here.)  I also took a quick break to cover “The Major Barrier To Success (In A Recession Or Out)”  here.

Today, we’ll look at the third invisible quality you need to possess to succeed in a recession.

In a recession, a lot of business owners become afraid.  They’re afraid to do something.  They’re afraid not to do something!

Fear paralyzes them and so they don’t do anything.  In most cases doing nothing is only going to lead to things getting worse! 

Fear becomes a MAJOR barrier to your business succeeding in a recession.

So how do you conquer the barrier of fear?

Intense desire is the enemy of fear. The first way to conquer fear is by having a strong desire to do what you’re afraid of.

Let me explain…

“Mom! Put down that car!”
You’ve probably heard the classic story about the mother who is able to lift a car off her child that is pinned under it. Do you know the story I’m talking about? The reason she was able to is because of adrenalin.

But there was one other reason…

She wanted to save her kid MORE than she worried about lifting the car!

*If you want to overcome the major barrier to succeeding in a recession, then you’ve got to want to succeed at this MORE THAN you’re afraid of failing!

How can you get a strong enough desire for something so that fear can’t stop you?

There are a few ways. I’ll tell you the first one right now, but the other one will be revealed in the next post….

1. The first way is to get so mad and fed up with your current situation that your desire for something different/better is stronger than your fears!

It all changed for me in October 2001.  I had ideas about how to make money online before, but I never did anything about it.


I was afraid.  I was afraid of FAILURE, REJECTION, UNKNOWN.  They were keeping away from taking action.

But there was a night when everything changed.

I think it was Oct. 16th, 2001 I had come up with the idea to interview 20 of the top business and marketing experts and get them to reveal their methods for surviving and prospering in a recession.

I had decided to title this book, “How You Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession“. (Click the title to see it.)

But at this point in October, it was all just an idea. I really believed it would be a good e-book, but I was afraid. I soon had incentive!

You see, my wife and I had just had our first child (a boy!) and my wife and I both wanted her to be able to stay home with him. The only problem was: WE COULDN’T AFFORD IT!

I was a youth pastor on the San Francisco Peninsula (Silicon Valley) and there was no way to survive on just my salary alone. 

At this point, I had spent 3 years studying everything I could get my hands on to learn how to effectively market online and off.  And I had used some of these ideas to grow a niche site to 5,000 visitors month.  But I needed to go to the next level with my knowledge.

So my little boy and wife became my incentive! I was fed up. I needed the money MORE THAN I was afraid of what would happen if I’d do this!

What happened?

3 months later that e-book was a REALITY and I was getting *rave reviews* from top marketers about it!

I learned and perfected a little-known method for getting almost any expert in almost any field to write a book for me.  I learned a skill I can use over and over to create an unlimited amount of information products.

And guess what that action caused? 

It caused other incredible opportunities to start to happen!  I was later interviewed on a teleconeference, with top experts, and asked to explain how I was able to put together an ebook with such top experts.

Why did these things happen?

All because I got MORE fed up than I was afraid!

*If you want to survive and prosper in a recession, then your first step is that you’ve got to get more fed up than afraid.  You’ve got to have the third invisible quality: an intense desire to succeed.

Next, we’ll look at the 4th invisible quality that you need.

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