I’ll Consult You Personally On How To Help Your Business Survive And Prosper In A Recession And The Best Part? I’ll Guarantee 10 Times The Value You Pay!

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Recession Solution Phone Consultation For Business Owners
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I’m convinced that I can show you how to make more money even in this recession.  I know I can show you things you can do right away to bring in more income and to find new revenue streams.

I’m so convinced that I’ve decided to offer any of you the option of getting a consultation call with me and offer it in a way that takes away all the risk for you.

Here’s how I’ll make it risk free…

1. I will only charge you $150 for an hour call. I plan on charging $200 for an hour consultation, because I believe the information will be so specific and beneficial to any business owner that it will be MORE than worth that amount, but I want to start with this amount to PROVE it will be worth your time and investment. Here’s how I’ll prove it…

2. I will allow you to call in for FREE and begin the call with no obligation to continue or for you to pay.

3. Once I get a chance to ask you a list of questions to determine how I can help you, I’ll begin to share some of the things you can do specifically in your business to see results.

4. I will then ask you if you’d like to continue and pay to talk for the rest of the hour or if you’d like to just end our time. At this  point, you’re free to decide you’re done and you won’t be charged anything.  OR you can decide to continue our conversation so you can hear more of what you can do to help your business during this crazy economic time. If you decide this, I’ll press “*” and you’ll have the opportunity to confirm you want to pay the $150 for the call. (It’s all handled securely through ether.com. I don’t see your phone number and I even won’t see your payment information.)

We will then continue talking until the hour consultation is done.

5. And here’s where I want to take it a step farther and make it even easier for you to make this decision without any fear of regret

I will guarantee that the information on the hour call that I have with you is AT LEAST 10 times more valuable than the $150 you pay that if you don’t believe it is then just let me know anytime after the call and I’ll give you a FULL refund. If you don’t think the information I give you on that call can bring you 10 times that amount when you apply it in your business, then please let me know and I’ll gladly give you your money back.

But I’m very confident that you won’t want your money back.  Why?

Here’s what one person said about a consultation I did with him…

“I first heard Scott Aughtmon on a local radio station interview. I was intrigued by his comments on surviving and prospering in a recession and decided to buy his books.

“The books were outstanding but the extra special benefit I did not expect was an hour phone consultation with Scott. After providing Scott with answers to questions he asked about my business, I took full advantage of the hour call and included several of my Regional Directors. The hour flew by and Scott had great suggestions and insight to our business. We have implemented several of his recommendations and we have seen improvement.

“Scott is wealth of practical, modern knowledge and marketing knowhow and I highly recommend his services.”

–Bob Benowitz
Executive Vice President of Operations
Primrose Schools Franchising Company

If you would like specific advice that you can apply personally to your business so you can see improvement like Bob did, then call me and let me prove it to you.

Click the button below to arrange a time for us to talk by phone!

*Click the “continue” button on the page the button above takes you to and you can see how to easily set up a time for us to talk.


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