38 Methods (From 38 Experts) To Help Your Business Survive & Prosper In A Recession – METHOD #38

Posted: May 8, 2009 in How Your Business Can Survive & Prosper, Recession Survival Tips

The 38 tips you’ve seen are contained in my two e-manuals called, “How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession.”

NOTE: I interviewed 38 top experts in business, sales & marketing. Each expert revealed the common mistakes most businesses make, 5-10 methods that they’d use to survive and prosper in a recession, and money-making opportunities available to business owners during this time.

You are about to see just ONE method from each of their interviews. If you would like to see more, then you can go to the site and check out a free preview of two of the interviews or grab both e-manuals for one low price.

Now here is your 38th and final tip…

(Vol. 2 Robin J. Elliot – Method To Survive & Prosper)

“Ideally, I would broker joint ventures exclusively and not run a conventional business, unless I could leverage the resources in that business and reduce the overhead significantly.”

Many of you might not be ready to ditch your whole business to do what Robin says, but you do need to seriously consider what he’s saying.


Because it’s one of the few opportunities you have for you to create new income streams and uncover hidden assets.  And you can do it with little, to no, additional work or overhead added to your business.

What to do…  Look for non-competitive businesses that you can partner with to share customers and increased income with.

Approach them and offer first to promote their product or service to your customers for a share of the profits. (*Make sure they have a great product or service that your customers need and that will add value to their lives.  Otherwise, don’t offer it!)

Then once you both enjoy some new profits from this experience, ask them to offer your product or service to their customers for a share of the additional profits that you will give them.

(I can take you by the hand and help you discover new income streams and uncover some of your hidden assets. I can walk you through the whole process.  I’ve studied the methods of one of the top joint venture experts in the field and know his methods to do this effectivelyI would only ask for a small amount to be paid for my help and a small percentage of the money I help you bring in. Email me at recessionsolution at gmail.com if you want more info. Please also look into Robin’s services and training for another way to learn how to effectively do these deals.  Robin is a respected expert at this method.)
Robin J. Elliott has worked with literally thousands of businesses, in Africa, Canada and the United States since 1987 and has trained and spoken to thousands in his seminars. He has appeared on national television, radio, and newspapers, and conducts his business on an international level. Mr. Elliott’s passion and specialty is helping people to start and grow their own businesses using joint ventures.

  • What are some ways you’ve seen this method used effectively?
  • What ways can you or others apply this today? Post your comments, ideas & suggestions below!

This is the LAST method in this series. I hope you liked it.  Please stay tuned for more methods and ideas to help your business.  I will have another contest on Monday to give away the remaining sets of my e-manuals. It will be MONDAY at 8am PST. Sign-up at top by email or RSS feed, so you won’t miss it.

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