38 Methods (From 38 Experts) To Help Your Business Survive & Prosper In A Recession – METHOD #15

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

The 38 tips you’re about to see are contained in my two e-manuals called, “How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession.”

NOTE: I interviewed 38 top experts in business, sales & marketing. Each expert revealed the common mistakes most businesses make, 5-10 methods that they’d use to survive and prosper in a recession, and money-making opportunities available to business owners during this time.
You are about to see just ONE method from each of their interviews. If you would like to see more, then you can go to the site and check out a free preview of two of the interviews or grab both e-manuals for one low price.

Now here is your 15th tip…

(Vol. 2 Jan Wallen – Method To Survive & Prosper)

Use new avenues of marketing and promotion.  Make the most of the free and low-cost ways to market.  For example, send press releases, e-mail promotions and personal phone calls.  Give tele-seminars.

Instead of sending e-mail promotions, send a series of cards (http://tinyurl.com/22wfy7) with valuable tips that they can use for their business.  For example, instead of sending a list of 10 tips, write one tip on a card, and send out 10 cards.  It’s so easy, and people love to get mail.

I find they remember and keep the cards, too, so they see my name frequently – all year long. You want them to call you when they’re ready to buy.

Jan Wallen is a LinkedIn consultant and trainer for executives, professionals and business owners, and author of “LinkedIn Works! – Find Clients, Jobs, Talent and Answers”. Jan is in demand for her hands-on, energetic and interactive style that gives her clients and audiences real-time results. Jan has trained hundreds of executives, consultants, managers and business owners, managed a national selling skills program for partners and sr. consultants at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and implemented a CRM system for a sales force there. Jan’s forte: Creating compelling conversations and strategies for you to use with your clients – especially in challenging sales situations. So it’s a No-Brainer for your clients to work with you – now. Call her when you want to know exactly what to say.

  • What are some ways you’ve seen this method used effectively?
  • What ways can you or others apply this today?

    Post your comments, ideas & suggestions below!

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