38 Methods (From 38 Experts) To Help Your Business Survive & Prosper In A Recession – METHOD #9

Posted: March 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

The 38 tips you’re about to see are contained in my two e-manuals called, “How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession.”

NOTE: I interviewed 38 top experts in business, sales & marketing. Each expert revealed the common mistakes most businesses make, 5-10 methods that they’d use to survive and prosper in a recession, and money-making opportunities available to business owners during this time.

You are about to see just ONE method from each of their interviews. If you would like to see more, then you can go to the site and check out a free preview of two of the interviews or grab both e-manuals for one low price.

Now here is your 9th tip…

(Vol. 2 Dennis Sommer – Method To Survive & Prosper)

Catch Amnesia – Forget how great you and your business performed last year.  The past is the past.

This year it’s a new game. The rules have changed and the players are different.  What worked last year will not return the same results.

Constantly re-evaluate your industry, competition and economic conditions. From this research, modify your strategy to improve sales and profitability.

Dennis Sommer is the founder and CEO of Executive Business Advisers, a management consulting firm specializing in sales and profit improvement. Dennis is a successful entrepreneur, management consultant and business leader. Dennis is a highly sought after keynote and seminar speaker on sales, leadership and business best practices. Dennis is an international author, publishing over 70 articles on sales, leadership, project management and IT management topics. He is the publisher of The Executive Adviser.

  • What are some ways you’ve seen this method used effectively?
  • What ways can you or others apply this today?

    Post your comments, ideas & suggestions below!

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