This is a time, more than ever, that you want to do all that you can
to keep the customers you’ve worked so hard to get.

Losing customers is never a good thing, but in this economic
setting it can have very negative consequences.

If you are not consciously focused on your customers, then your
competitors will be!

As David Garfinkel, in Vol. 1 on page 38 on my e-manuals says this…

“Don’t be surprised if competitors are gunning for your current customers more than ever before.”

Because of this fact you need to take proactive action to strengthen
and even grow your relationships with them.

Here Are Two Areas To Focus On To Increase Your Relationship With Your Customers:

AREA #1: Keep in contact with them.
You might be thinking about your business every day, but your
customers sure aren’t!  🙂  If you don’t continually find ways to
keep in touch and remind them that you’re there, then you will fall
off their “radar screen.”

Here are some ways to do that…

Send them valuable information that will help them continue to get the end result that your product or service provides.

  • This could be in the form of articles, special reports, newsletters, etc. that you write.  It could also be through a blog where you link to important articles, blog posts, etc. that they need to read.

Send them special offers.

  • What special deal can you offer this week that is just for your “loyal customers”?
  • What can you package together that will offer your customers more of the results they want at a better value to them?

Don’t focus on the lesser amount of money you make.
Focus on the amount of money you will make over the long run as you increase the lifetime value of each customer by increasing the times they purchase from you.

AREA #2: Go the extra mile.
David Garfinkel goes on to say that the way to keep your current
customers is by going the extra mile for them to ensure they stay
with you.

The “mystery contriubutor” who contributed to Vol. 1 (who’s name I’ve agreed not to mention publicly) said this on page 36, “You need to underpromise and overdeliver.”

Here are some questions to  get your creative juices flowing with
ways you can overdeliver…

-How can you “wow” your customers when they purchase from you?

-What can you add to their purchase that they wouldn’t expect?

-What service can you add to your product?  What product can you add to your service?

-What can you add that has a low cost for you, but a high perceived value and high benefit for them?

-How have other businesses “wowed” you?  How can you do something similar in your business?

Remember: People aren’t impressed when you do something they
expect.  But they will be when you go beyond what they expected you to.

THIS is what will cause them to stay loyal to your business and even better – it’ll cause them to tell their friends!

What both of these areas of focus are really about is you
continually figuring out how you can serve and benefit these people who have chosen you and your company to do business with.

When that is your regular focus, then you will build a relationship
and a loyalty with your customers that’s very hard to break!

You have permission to reprint/repost the above article on your
blog, website, ezine, newsletter, etc. as long as you include
this bio below:
Scott Aughtmon is the author of 2 e-manuals called, “How Your
Business Survive and Prosper In A Recession.”  In these e-manuals he interviewed 38 top business, sales and marketing experts and got
them to reveal their methods to help your business survive and
even prosper in a recession.  You can take a sneak peek
at the e-manuals here:


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