The Only Way Your Business Will See Better Results In A Recession

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Recession Survival Tips
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Do you know what one of our biggest problems is?

We know too much, but we act too little!

What do I mean?

A chinese proverb says it like this…

“Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still.”

In a recession, it’s easy for business owners to be so afraid that they just “stand still.” But that’s a guaranteed way to see no results!

Joe Griffith tells a story of a business that you know of that succeeded because the owner took action….

George Westinghouse, founder of the company that carries his name, said that others in his day knew as much as he did about railroads, electricity, and natural gas.

But he was the one who took the next step! He invented air brakes to make trains safer, and other devices to transmit gas and alternating current at a low cost.

Some of the methods you’ll discover in my e-manuals are ones that other business owners might know (and others they might not), but what matters is only IF YOU DO SOMETHING with the methods!

Listen, this is my challenge to you…

If you take just one method from the sneak peek you can receive of my e-manuals, and actually ACTED ON IT, you’d see results.

I’m not kidding.  Do it and see what happens.

And just imagine what would happen if you took 10 of the methods from my e-manuals – 38, 48 or more of them – and actually acted on them?

Think what could happen!

The ones who are you’re brave enough to take this challenge
and do something will be the ones who see results.

Can you do me a favor?

Email me and let me know what you did and what results you see.


I conclude vol. 2 with more thoughts on what I call “The Missing Ingredient To Success”.

Charles M. Cooper from “Americas Best Companies” magazine mentions more about this idea in my conclusion in his review of my e-manuals.

You can read his review of my e-manuals here:

“Stump The Slump”
Aughtmon’s e-book provides tips to surviving a slow economy

(NOTE: His only negative comment is about some punctuation errors.  I’ve never been a punctuation expert, but if you want great content from these experts, then that’s what you’ll find in these e-manuals!)

Don’t forget you can get both e-manuals right now for only $17 during this experiment I’m doing.

Get them and gain access to all of the methods from all of the experts:


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