Terry Dean’s Recession Survival Tip For Business Owners…

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Recession Survival Tips
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Terry Dean has a recent post on blog that can help business owners during this hard economic time.

He says, “Basically, it’s going to be your choice as a small business whether you decide to participate in the recession or not. You might find sales of some of your products decreasing. OK. Move with it. Wherever sales are decreasing, you’ll be able to find somewhere else where sales are increasing. I have a product where sales have been declining over the past two months. So what? I have others where sales are booming. This just gives you another reason not to base your entire business off of one product or service. If you’re in the position where you see some of your sales decreasing, ask yourself, “What are people buying?” People may not be buying what you’re selling, but they are buying something. Get in front of that hungry market.

Then he shares some similar advice he shared in volume 1 of my e-manuals “How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession.” Terry says this on his blog.

“If you’re in competitive advertising markets you might even get a nice little secondary effect. If your competitors start worrying about a recession (and decide to participate in it), they’ll cut back on their advertising…giving you lower cost advertising sources!

Make sure to check his post to discover his 3 “quick points” for businesses.

Go here:“The Recession And Your Business”
(You should subscribe to his RSS feed. He always has valuable content!)

If you want to see some more of the advice that Terry Dean gave that can help your business survive and prosper in a recession, then go to my site and sign-up for the free sneak peek. When you do, you’ll receive Terry’s FULL interview from Volume 1 along with another interview from Volume 2.

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