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Posted: July 24, 2008 in Business Tips
Tags: , , , , , , has an article you need to check out from Geoff Williams (from  The article is called, “The Seeds Of Success

It contains an interview with Jim McCann, founder of where he reveals what he learned since opening his first flower store in New York City in 1976.   The first store was a little shop called Flora Plenty, and the funny this is that McCann didn’t even have a 1-800 number back then!

In the interview, Jim McCann has some interesting advice for business owners.

Here’s one of the things he says…

“Fire yourself right away, so you can hire people and focus on doing the things that you can do,” McCann says. When he opened his flower shop, he was running a nonprofit for at-risk teenage boys, and he decided that he and his family would be better off financially if he kept his day job. So he hired someone to work at the store during the work days, and then from 9 p.m. to midnight, and during the weekends, he spent his time at Flora Plenty.”

He later says this…

“Too often, you see entrepreneurs get hung up on doing the best job that they can, instead of creating an environment where their employees can do better,” McCann says. “It was an accidental lesson.”

A recession might not be a time where you can afford to bring on new employees, but it’s definitely a time where you need to be able to focus on spending as much time as possible doing what you’re the best at.  And it’s the time where you want to let your employees do the things that they’re best at so you can achieve the greatest results.

Jim has some other cool advice in Geoff’s article.  You should take a minute and go read it for yourself.

Go read the full article here!

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