The ebooks go on sale TODAY, Wednesday, July 9th!

Posted: July 9, 2008 in How Your Business Can Survive & Prosper
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The ebooks are finally ready and will be available TODAY at 9am PST from my site.

If you’d like to grab a copy at the $37, then do it soon, cause after July 31st they’ll be $47 and after August 13th they’ll be $57.

Why is the price changing?

Because most ebooks out there of this type go for at least $37 a piece. I’m offering both for that low price, because I want to give people a change to get them for a good deal.

I’m going to raise them eventually to the $57 for both ebooks price, because I believe it’s a fair price and doesn’t cheapen the information or time and effort I put into putting these together.

I believe that any business owner who takes the methods in these ebooks and actually applies them, will receive a MUCH greater value in return – monetary and otherwise – than the small cost they pay. Even my final price of $57 will be a small investment compare to the return on their investment.

Anyway, that’s my logic behind the pricing – in case anyone was wondering.  🙂

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