Recession Survival Tips: The 2 Opposite Dangers And The Common Mistake Most Businesses Make

Posted: June 26, 2008 in How Your Business Can Survive & Prosper, Recession Survival Tips
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There are two dangers for business owners when times are tough:

1. The danger of doing nothing

2. The danger of doing the wrong thing.

Both of these things can cause similar negative results for a business.

Small business marketing and strategy expert Joe Polish says, “if you’re not all that happy with your harvest, talk to the person who did the planting. (YOU.) The best preventative medicine for business problems and personal stress is preparation and organization. The best antidote is action.”

The problem is that the fear of doing the wrong choice often causes us do nothing.

After interviewing 38 top experts in business, sales and marketing, and asking them

What’s the common mistake most businesses make in a recession?

I discovered that the most popular answer was “They stop marketing.”

Are you making this same mistake?

  1. […] One way you can learn these mistakes is through trial and error.  You can try something and see if it works. If it doesn’t you can try something else.  (See my previous post on one of the most common mistakes I’ve discovered here.) […]

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