Latest Headlines On The Recession – 6/7/08

Posted: June 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

Recession Fears Reignited
Wall Street Journal – USA
By KELLY EVANS and KRIS MAHER The likelihood that the US is in a recession appeared to increase Friday, following weeks of hopes that the country might be

Credit Debt Rises With Recession Fears
Forbes – NY,USA
Despite the dour news, a US Treasury official said continued gross domestic product growth, though sluggish, meant the economy has resisted a recession.

Economist: Recession worst since ’76 – Charlotte,NC,USA
“This is a very significant recession,” Fishkind said. The state is undergoing a major paradigm shift as a key component of Florida’s growth – a low cost of

Jobs Show Recession Is Here
By Floyd Norris
The popular theory that we would avert a recession and the economy would pick up in the second half now looks very dubious. To make it worse, oil is soaring again, and the European Central Bank hints it will tighten its rates soon

Positive response to the warnings of the recession…

Dude, Where’s My Recession?: The Series
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
(BTW: The betting markets still put the odds of recession this year at just 1 in 3.) So what’s the deal? 1) This period reminds me of 2003,

White House: Jobless data show slow growth, not recession
“We’ve seen choppy data on the economic front, and so we’ll keep a close eye on it,” said Stanzel, who dismissed talk of a US recession “because the data is

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